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What's it like working with us? We aim to show authentic testimonials from our clients, therefore we are attaching verified reviews at Bespoke Weddings. See what our clients say!


Anya Lloyd

This is not a mood board...but our wedding! So in love with every detail. Thanks for making our vision come to life.

#TobagoWeddings #BestWeddingTeamEver


Sharon Johnatty

Excellent and very professional service. I called from Australia and Neave took the time to answer my questions although it was close to closing time. Neave took my order and promptly responded to emails to ensure he had the correct details. The floral arrangement was sent on time, was absolutely beautiful, and was exactly what I wanted. Thank you, Neave.


Nahila Bertrand-Brooks

Wow...3 weeks before our wedding we hired Neave and his team who committed to giving us the wedding of our dreams and when I tell u he Delivered above and beyond our expectations. Excellent service, Creative ideas and excellent execution. He brought to life our vision and added his own flair that took the design to the next level. Neave is super fun and easy to work with (no diva behavior), he is always accessible to his brides and will answer every question and query promptly.  if you are thinking about getting married in Tobago call Neave and the guys from Eye for design...i guarantee that you will have ZERO regrets. by the end of our wedding weekend Neave, Mr Hugo (His dad who runs a well priced taxi service) Bevon and the design team became part of our family. thanks again Neave, Jason and I really appreciate it...U SAVED US (inside joke)


Kv Marie

Thanks to Neave and his team from Eye for Design Flower shop for making these amazing floral arrangements for my wedding. There were definitely more beautiful than I expected and they definitely matched my decor perfectly. I would definitely recommend them to everyone for weddings in Tobago. Thanks again Neave.

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Kimberly Radgman

Had a morning funeral to attend and forgot to place the order for a wreath days before. Called the morning of the funeral and placed the order and rushed to pick it up 15 minutes before the funeral. I get there and I'm thinking, "I'm sure they're not ready" like I'm not the crazy one who ordered a wreath at the last minute. Low and behold it was ready!! I tried paying with my debit card and the transaction would not go through. Mortified!!! My heart sank thinking I would be super late because I would need to go get the cash from the atm and then return. The agent who dealt with me was so patient and perhaps sensed how flustered I was. He gave me the wreath and told me to go pay at the Lowlands Mall branch **gasps**. I thank him profusely and give him my name and tell him where I work because I mean, this is unheard of! I quickly head to the atm and then to the Lowlands branch. Get to the branch and they are already expecting me. Perfection!!!The floral arrangement was absolutely gorgeous btw.


Karielle De Bique 

Neave and his team have provided me with beautiful creations and even surprises at so many special life events - weddings, graduations, birthdays.....My family far and wide have been able to count on their services to bring me their joy and best wishes. The professionalism and customer service of all at Eye For Design floral and events has been and remains outstanding. Thank you for having the vision and creating the reality for us all here in Tobago and beyond! Keep giving us great experiences!

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